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The Silicon Mind : A racy sci-fi thriller by Dr Manikarnika Lagu

The Silicon Mind, authored by Dr Manikarnika Lagu, is a racy sci-fi thriller involving a very sophisticated neural chip implant by a robot on a human brain. It revolves around the interwined lives of Ray, a leading neurosurgeon, sharp and flamboyant proprietor and driving force of Chetna, India's foremost coma clinic and Dr Aman Kapoor, a reputed physician and accident victim who falls into a coma.Aman becomes Ray's unsuspecting guinea pig. Ray and his American collaborators successfully implant a silicon chip inside Aman's brain, true to the book's sci-fi genre, a robot does the operation. Aman wakes up, rejuvenated and changed forever. As Ray and his team expected, his brain has been enhanced to superlative degrees but his body suffers strange illnesses, a result of the conflict between the material chip and the corporeal brain.The story is about how Aman manages to trace his bizarre bodily symptoms and sudden miraculous healing powers to his brain operation at Chetn…