The Haryana Story - A peep into diverse aspects of the state

'The Haryana Story' book, authored by renowned journalist Rajeev Ranjan Roy, is an authoritative attempt to peep into diverse aspects of the state's socio-political and economic set-up. Though small, Haryana is an important state of India and is significantly contributing to the country's economic growth.

The state's contribution to the country's endevour to achieve the mission of food security is immense. Its proximity to the national capital gives an added advantage to those who wish to have industrial units in the state, which is also fast emerging as a hub of services, manufacturing and realty sectors.

Haryana is dotted with public and private sector academic institutions. It is an abode of India's great cultural and historical legacy. However, the state's contemporary challenges are altogether different. The Haryana Story vividly identifies areas of concern and suggests corrective measures. It is full of data and other relevant facts and fugures, which make the book more relevant for policy makers, researchers, students and of course those who have interest in knowing and understanding varied aspects of Haryana. The book is published by Unistar Books Pvt Ltd. It has 172 pages and is priced at Rs 695.

The author of the book, Rajeev Ranjan Roy is currently working as Senior Assistant Editor of Daily Post. In the past, he has served as the Resident Editor of The Pioneer in Chandigarh, and also worked with IANS, India's only global news agency, in New Delhi. He can be contacted at

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