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DJ Amely - the World Music Rocker from Ukrain

DJ Amely, the best Ukrainian DJ, started her professional career in January 2008 and has since made it half-way around the globe to showcase her energetic moves, superb dancing skills and undoubtedly her ability to read the crowd and to entertain them with flawless mixing and excellent track selection.
Recently being voted as the world's #1 in the list of SuperModel DJ's 2013, 2014, 2015 Hottest Female DJ by Playboy version and gracing her presence in FHM, UNO and XXL Men Magazine are just a few achievements in her young but very successful career which has led her to gigs in Italy, Spain, Japan, Dubai,  Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Philippines, France, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Turkey, Poland, Albania, Georgia, Greece, Moldavia, Cambodia, Egypt, Belarus, China, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Malta  and last but not least over 300 shows alone in the Ukraine already. 
Ranking 9th best female DJs of the world in the world 2015/2016, Amely rocked crowds for a series of…