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Dr Jaswal heals heart through Wrist

Dr Rakesh Jaswal has completed over 12,000 transradial procedures
Chandigarh, 29 Nov, 2011, Specttrum News: Dr R K Jaswal, Director, Cardiology at Fortis Hospital Mohali has achieved a remarkable mark in medical history by completing 12,000 transradial procedures, healing heart through wrist with zero percent complications. His vast experience in this field has given him the honour of being the Teaching Faculty Member and Advisory Faculty Member of most of Asian countries and USA.
Dr R K Jaswal said, “Angiographies are, in today’s fast-paced and stress-laden lives, a quick and safe means of deciphering if your heart is in order and functioning to its optimum. Often angiographies show obstructions in arteries that are almost simultaneously treated by angioplasties, which in a layman’s words is ballooning and stenting of the artery, so that the obstruction is removed.”
He further added that the myth that angiographies and angioplasties are “dangerous” should be completely destroyed now, wi…