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Bipasha Basu presents - ''Love Yourself''

Specttrum News : There are people who are exceptionally dazzling and then there are those few who are a goddess in the truest sense of sheer beauty. Bipasha Basu is very much a part of the latter and an individual entity from the glamorous industry of Bollywood. Right from the moment she scorched the ramp to having marveled the world with her on-screen charisma and now as she dons the role of an entrepreneur she has done it all with much poise and dignity.

Fitness and glamour are words which can rightfully be associated only with the brand persona Bipasha Basu. A firm believer of a provoking thought that one must heal themselves before healing others is now on this very day venturing on path which very few have carved and graced. With the advent of her brand BB – Love Yourself she introduces the world with a concept which is absolutely unique and one of its kind. With this initiative Bipasa becomes the first Indian celebrity to induce such an idea in the country which only global pers…